We are getting new clients using the most effective advertising methods.

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Youtube Ads

TikTok Ads

How we do it

At the beginning we define goals and key performance indicators. Then you give us access to your accounts (add accounts, social media profiles, websites). Then we implement tools (facebook pixel, google tag manager, google analytics, hot jar, etc…), optimizing your advertisement strategy.

We contact client’s from the beginning of the sale and we create a powerful, multichannel marketing funnel, based on the client’s needs and our experiences (connecting several systems).

We create campaigns that are part of our marketing funnel and send it to you for verification. Using verified campaigns we advertise your brand and get new clients for you. Every month we optimize every campaign using A/B strategy.

Successful story with a client


The key goal of this company was to increase the number of customers visiting the restaurant. They selected middle-class and wealthy Warsaw residents and business tourists as desired customers. An additional goal that appeared at a certain stage of our cooperation was also to increase recognition among culinary influencers (bloggers, instagramers, etc.).

In the first stage, we created a unique visual identity for the ART SUSHI restaurant (new logo, new website). We wanted to start by making the restaurant fashionable and associated with the casual premium segment. Then, we created 25 ads, based on a marketing funnel, that aimed to provide the restaurant with a constant flow of customers with specific parameters. We track potential customers using the accounts they enter on Google, the channels they watch on Youtube, and their interests on Facebook. To get their interest, we display advertisements to our customers that show the distinguishing features of restaurants, employees, owners, interior, and awards. At the stage of building relationships, we engage clients to comment on posts and like ART SUSHI profiles. In the next stage, we start selling by using sales ads that lead customers to visit the premises. We’re pleased to cooperate with ART SUSHI for over 2 years, successfully increasing sales each year.


The most effective offer

$1000 per month

Cooperation process

What's next?

Contact us and we will discuss the details,

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