Tips for Handling Negative Reviews

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Have you ever made a purchase from Amazon? What do you check before pressing the submit bid or basket buttons? Product reviews and the seller’s reputation are likely factors. How about making a hotel or travel reservation online? Have you ever read a few reviews to give yourself peace of mind that you’re picking the best option? Absolutely. It is no longer just these early adopters of the internet who are engaging in this activity; it has permeated all firms, big and small. Using Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and Yelp reviews, you may describe your neighborhood dentist, plumber, lawyer, and other professionals in any field.


There are websites whose main revenue stream is the writing on f certain verticals. Numerous websites, including Reviews Solicitors. Reviews are so crucial that Google now includes Facebook reviews and other specialized rating sites in its knowledge panel in addition to using them in its algorithm to rank local companies in its local pack results. This is excellent for future customers. Not only does it give them the information they need to decide whether or not to work with a new company, it also gives them the chance to examine those decisions later. 


It’s a little bit different for local business owners like you. As long as the reviews send a favorable message, they can do wonders and help attract additional clients. The situation will be very different if your company is the subject of unfavorable online reviews.


Although this is slowly changing, the majority of small businesses have only a few ratings. It is common to see local businesses with a maximum of five to ten reviews. If one unhappy customer suddenly gives your company a one-star rating, your business’ average star rating will decline, and you will also receive a negative comment. Unfavorable to business. How do you address a critical review?

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Before reacting, take a moment to breathe properly.

If you’re a proud business owner who strives to always do your best, hearing a bad feedback could make you irritated. Avoid responding in a furious manner since it can backfire.

Never ignore a review.

Ignoring a bad comment or review will come across as uncaring and will give the wrong impression to everyone else looking at your business’ online profile. You must respond to a negative review right away if you want to be successful. The better your reaction time, the better. Your reaction will reassure any potential guides who read it that you care about your consumers and will likely surprise your dissatisfied client as well.

Take full accountability

Be sorry and acknowledge their annoyance and displeasure. Never attempt to place the blame on someone else. Never place the blame on the client. The worst thing you can do is to put the blame on your client. Although it might seem obvious, this is a recurring issue. Finally, always be courteous.

Be specific.

To save time, avoid copying and pasting already prepared answers. Each response need to be distinct and tailored to the particular complaint you are managing.  Even when the harm has already been done, it is never too late to turn things around. provide them with a solution to their problem or perhaps prospective compensation. As an alternative, you might wish to ask them if they have any ideas.

Remind them what your business is about.

Make the most of the chance to emphasize the merits of new businesses. You can emphasize the distinctive qualities of your company. It will also demonstrate your reliability if you can sign your response with your name, position, and phone number.


Visit review to discover some excellent instances of how business owners have handled bad reviews.

Some excellent examples can be found there. If you’re looking for ideas for your local business, look online. These days, it’s crucial to make it visible across a variety of platforms that all have review capabilities.  Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business are the most widely used. Let’s look at those three and how each of them might be practically addressed in reviews. Google will be the first. 


Unexpectedly, some business owners aren’t even aware that their company has been the subject of reviews. We can check Google My Business Profile, though.

Now let us examine the process. Go to Google and type in “Google My Business” as the first action. The second step is to log in using the Gmail credentials you used to create your GMB profile. Next, select Manage reviews under the review area. Then Choose review you wish to edit, then select “respond.” All done.  You may also view your GMB profile while on the go by using Google My Business.


Moving on, let’s take a look at Facebook. Facebook should be a consideration for your reviews due of the massive amount of traffic it receives and the fact that Google now includes Facebook reviews in its knowledge banner.

Consequently, let’s examine how to respond to Facebook evaluations. Now sign in to your personal Facebook account. Select your Facebook business profile. Next, choose the reviews option from the left-side menu. Finally, scroll down to the review you want to comment on.


Finally let’s have Yelp. Yelp is a key player in the online local business sector. It contains a sizable database of nearby companies with a ton of customer reviews.

Additionally, the Apple map software, which comes pre-installed on all iPhones, uses Yelp reviews. Let’s examine how to respond to Yelp reviews now. Go to Google and type in “Yelp for business” to start.   Use the Yelp account information you used to register your business to log into your Yelp account. 3rd step. Select the reviews option from the menu on the left side of the screen. Locate the review to which you wish to respond, then click on the Add public remark option. Enter your response in text form and see a preview. Preview your response as you type it. Post your comments when you’re prepared.


These are the primary three platforms in this area, and you should stick to the same guidelines if your local company is listed elsewhere, such as on review sites that are particular to your industry. Now is your chance to address any negative reviews that may be made about your business. Remember that there are no absolutes, so take my recommendations just as suggestions. Online reviews have become increasingly significant and will continue to do so. You should have a focused online review strategy for your firm because ignoring them would be a serious mistake.