The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Brand on Twitter in 2023.

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Twitter is a social media platform that is not yet as popular in Poland as it is in the United States. It is important to note that Twitter is not Facebook. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is all about content. It is a place where users can share short, concise, and relevant information in 140 characters or less. You can choose who to follow, and the content that a person shares with the world is what matters.


Journalists, writers, politicians, and bloggers are some of the main groups that are associated with Twitter. Is it worth it for businesses to use Twitter as a marketing tool? With only 140 characters to work with, it may seem difficult to convey any meaningful message. Additionally, will your customers even be looking for you on Twitter?

While many brands assume that Twitter is not the right platform for them, the reality is that by doing so, they are limiting their access to many potential contacts. Every industry can benefit from having a presence on Twitter. It is important to note that more and more people are using Twitter, and as it grows in popularity, it will become increasingly challenging to stand out from the crowd in the stream of information.


The type of users on Twitter is important to consider. Around 80% of them are over the age of 25, which means they are adults and potential customers. By establishing a presence on Twitter, you have a significant chance of reaching the audience you want. Twitter users are typically interested in what is happening around them and want to stay up to date. They are also people who value content that is more meaningful than just pictures of meals or vacation videos.


How and Why to Use Twitter?

Our tips are going to be less formal. Here’s a quick summary of what we think is most effective and what we use ourselves.

In our opinion, there is no other channel quite like Twitter for establishing remote contacts with people in both the East and West. Using Twitter for lead generation has taught us the immense value of this platform. It’s a brilliant tool for acquiring clients and an essential element for any project that wants to reach the USA.

The key is to attack from personal (not company) profiles, only having the company listed in the account description. This approach results in a much higher conversion rate.

PROTIP Marketing 1:

Thoroughly monitor the most relevant topics from the perspective of your business. We keep an eye on the phrases “social media marketing” and “internet marketing” and strive to get into personalized contact with people as quickly as possible.

PROTIP Marketing 2:

Loosely track topics that are somewhat related to your business. We do this by following “social media” + “marketing.” When we see new posts like “Which marketing agencies do you recommend?” we approach the author and ask if they’d be interested in using our services. This method works in the vast majority of cases.

The key in all of this is to build relationships from a personal account rather than a corporate account. Communication is more authentic and less like intrusive advertising.

PROTIP Marketing 3:

Use Twitter to increase traffic to your website or blog. By creating valuable content, you can expect retweets that will increase your popularity. The nature of this promotion doesn’t cost a penny, but it can help you establish new contacts and build growing interest in your content. Don’t treat the short format of tweets as a limitation, but as an opportunity to quickly share information. Everything happens lightning fast on Twitter. Content is read quickly, but the responses are equally fast.

PROTIP Marketing 4:

Don’t forget that Twitter gives you the opportunity to follow other accounts related to your industry, participate in closed groups, and gain valuable information for yourself. A Twitter account can help you build business relationships.

PROTIP Marketing 5:

Twitter is a chance to build a positive and professional image. You can create your brand as an expert and by sharing your knowledge, gain the trust of a wide audience. Remember that social media marketing is not about promoting your offer, but about creating the right image and brand awareness. In addition, due to the specificity of Twitter, you can count on really fast feedback.

PROTIP Marketing 6:

However, there is no rose without thorns. It is worth remembering that running a Twitter account requires commitment. You cannot leave a post to itself. If you don’t engage in the discussion you started, you will quickly fall out of the game. Being active pays off, but there is nothing worse than an empty company account where nothing happens. Although you don’t have to devote a lot of time to your activities at once, you should visit Twitter as often and regularly as possible.

Advertising is our passion. We know what is best for you and your company. We know how to increase sales and image. We know what to do – trust us If you have any problems, entrust them to us We’ll do it as best as we can!