The Art of Cold Emailing: How to Achieve 1000+ Scheduled Appointments with Effective Cold Email Templates

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Cold emailing has become an invaluable tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with potential clients, broaden their network, and boost sales. When executed strategically, a well-crafted cold email can yield remarkable results, generating thousands of scheduled appointments and ample growth opportunities. In this article, we will delve into the art of cold emailing, unveiling effective strategies and providing the best cold email templates to optimize your success.

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Understanding the Power of Cold Emailing

Cold emailing involves reaching out to unfamiliar individuals with the aim of converting them into paying customers. It requires finesse and a thoughtful approach to capture the recipient’s interest and prompt them to take action. Oskar Tomczak, a seasoned marketer from the PROTIP Marketing team, has mastered the art of cold emailing and successfully scheduled over 1000 sales meetings for his company and clients using prospecting and cold mailing strategies.

Cold Email

In this guide, we will focus specifically on cold mailing, as Oskar shares his insights to help you achieve similar levels of success.

The Pitfalls of Ineffective Cold Emails

Before we explore the winning formula for cold emailing, it is essential to understand the common pitfalls that lead to unsuccessful campaigns.

Many individuals fail in their cold emailing efforts for two primary reasons. 

Firstly, they overestimate their writing abilities and assume they can craft compelling cold emails effortlessly. 

Secondly, they believe their product or service is so exceptional that everyone should naturally want to meet with them. Unfortunately, this approach rarely produces positive results.

To craft successful cold emails, one must adopt a more refined and persuasive strategy that resonates with the recipient.

The “Pain Formula” – A Winning Cold Email Template

Oskar introduces the “Pain Formula,” a highly effective cold email template applicable to various industries and offerings. This formula comprises four essential elements:

  1. Proper Introduction:

    Begin the email by introducing yourself and explaining why the recipient should be interested in connecting with you. Personalization is key to capturing their attention.

  2. Identify the Customer’s Pain:

    Delve into the challenges or pain points the recipient may be experiencing. Understanding their pain allows you to craft a more targeted and relevant message.

  3. Offer the Solution:

    Clearly present how your product or service can address the recipient’s pain points. Emphasize the benefits and value you can provide.

  4. Call to Action:

    Provide a clear and natural call to action, encouraging the recipient to take the next step, such as requesting a meeting or scheduling a call.

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Crafting a Winning Cold Email


To illustrate the effectiveness of the “Pain Formula,” Oskar shares an example email he would write if he were trying to sell his content management agency’s services:

“Hey Oskar, I just watched your latest YouTube video, and the tip about SEO through GMB was spot on. We applied it, and I’m amazed at how well it works! We’re already TOP1 for the keyword ‘best copywriting agency New York’.

After watching the video, I noticed that despite its valuable content, only a few people watch it due to its lack of accessibility. The scripts are highly technical, and the editing is dull. It’s surprising to see videos like this considering the size and success of your company. Many people might perceive it as unprofessional.”

“In this email, I wanted to let you know that if you’re interested, my company helps content creators on YouTube, just like you, improve their results by simplifying scripts to make them understandable for everyone and ensuring video quality so that even the most demanding viewers don’t get bored. The best part is that we handle all the technical aspects and content management, as well as publication and distribution on social media platforms and forums, so your video gains organic traffic, and you have more time to focus on what matters most, which is creating content. Some of our clients include Client A, Client B, and Client C.”

“If this is something we can do for you, let us know if we can discuss the details. For example, would you like to have a phone call?”

By following the Pain Formula and customizing the content to suit the recipient’s needs, Oskar ensures a personalized and compelling cold email.

Final Verdicts

Mastering the art of cold emailing can open doors to numerous opportunities and potential clients. By employing the Pain Formula and crafting thoughtful, personalized messages, you can significantly increase your cold email response rates and, ultimately, turn strangers into valued clients. Remember to stay genuine, human, and respectful in your approach. Happy cold emailing!