How to Link building?

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Link building is a field that every person who is positioning a website must address. Links leading to a website are extremely important when it comes to high positions in Google search engine. There are many conventional ways to acquire links, but very often they are paid. Can you therefore acquire links to your site completely for free and do it creatively?

Of course, you can! In this text, you will learn 18 non-obvious methods of gaining traffic to your website. Let’s get started! #weknowhow

  1. Turn to students
    An interesting idea for acquiring links and increasing traffic to your website is to interest students in it. There is certainly something in your industry that you can interest young adepts in. Create an article, video or infographic that they will benefit from in the form of free and useful knowledge. By doing so, you will attract their attention and make them more willing to visit your website and share the content you post there.
  2. Target a niche
    If you want to take care of link building, dedicate your time and create something for a specific group of people. By writing an interesting article about fans of Japanese cinema, there is a good chance that they will be interested in your website and create a separate post with a link based on what they found there. Try to choose non-obvious groups. This will make the mention of them treated as flattery, increasing your chances of success.
  3. Flatter and appreciate
    Everyone likes to be praised. This allows for the satisfaction of the ego that lies dormant in everyone. That’s why you should choose one target group and create a flattering material about them. Let them know that you appreciate and respect their work or interests. For these people, it can be a good form of reference, and you will gain links to your website. Be careful, though, not to make it a cheap compliment taken as an attempt to curry favor.
  4. Become a myth buster
    If you work in an industry where myths and incredible stories abound, use this to your advantage. Step into the role of a knight of truth and create a series of articles debunking the reality. It will have an educational function, undoubtedly interest Internet users, and also prove effective in link building. Choose, of course, the most absurd stories and describe what they look like from your point of view. People fighting these myths will gladly refute them with you, sharing a link to your website and article!
  5. Lists and rankings
    This is one of the most commonly used and effective ideas for link building. Users love all kinds of lists, rankings, and comparisons. They are very helpful and generate much more traffic than traditional materials. That’s why, if you want to gain links, create a compilation of things that are attractive to your target group. You will be surprised at how positive the users’ reaction will be.
  1. Operate on specifics
    Create a case study and show your customers what exactly they can gain by choosing your products or services. Show them an example of your work that has produced concrete results. It is easier to make purchasing decisions when there is someone next to you who is already satisfied with the offer. Such a case study has a much greater chance of standing out than another article or guide.

  2. Update your website
    If you already have content published on your website, a good idea is to check their traffic and select those with the greatest potential for a kind of “tuning”. Improve articles in terms of content, keeping in mind SEO principles. If for some reason they have become outdated, add necessary information and observe how your traffic grows. Updating content is essential when it comes to website positioning!

  3. Get links to your site through good deeds
    This is perhaps the most noble method of acquiring links that we know of. It is not free link building, but it is really worth mentioning. Find an organization that you can help and start cooperating as a sponsor. Thanks to this, your logo and link to your website will appear on that organization’s website. The cost of such actions does not have to be high. In addition to direct financial assistance, you can also offer a product or service that you sell. You might be surprised how little it takes to help someone.

  4. Let your customers do it for you
    Ask every customer who has purchased your product or used your service for a short review on their website. Let them describe what prompted them to make the purchase, the benefits of the product, and include a link to your website. This way, links will be obtained on their own, and you will observe growing positions.

  5. Or maybe Wikipedia?
    Wikipedia is a treasure trove of very strong links that have great value. However, it is not easy to obtain them. If your brand is based on a popular phenomenon, try creating a Wikipedia entry on that topic. Remember that it must be a really interesting phenomenon. If you manage to obtain such links leading to your site, you can be proud of yourself. We guarantee that it is worth the effort and your SEO specialists will be proud of you.

  6. Translate!
    Transcription is a fairly old method, but imagine that there are still services that benefit from it. It involves transcribing the text from a movie or song and translating it into a specific language. We recommend translating into Polish, as there is a good chance that people will link to such materials.

  7. Create a dictionary
    Collect all the terms related to your industry that you know and explain them in one material. Remember to make the definitions clear and as short as possible. This way you will create really useful content that will be eagerly shared among users. At the same time, your website traffic will grow. Simple? And how effective!

  8. Inside joke
    In your industry, there are certainly funny stories that only people interested in what you do will understand. Create a video material on this topic and try to make it as funny as possible. This type of videos spreads across the internet at an astronomical pace. This is a demanding way to link, but it brings huge traffic.

  9. Calendar
    If there are events in your industry that regularly bring together people who do what you do, create a calendar that will be useful for everyone interested. Try to keep it up to date, so that many users can benefit from it.

  10. Deliver public speeches
    If you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and build your expert image in your field, ask the organizers of such events to link back to your website. They will certainly agree, and you will gain completely free links to your site.

  11. Reward
    Is your blog or forum based on guest posts? Start rewarding those who are most engaged. This will encourage others to create materials for your site, which in turn will translate into the number of visits and links acquired.

  12. Create free graphics
    Many bloggers have trouble finding good, free photos. Here’s an opportunity for you. Create a gallery of interesting graphics and require that anyone who uses them must include a link to your website on their site. Both parties will be satisfied.

  13. Be the first
    You must react first. If something important happens in your industry, your site should be the first to inform users about it. It’s a bit time-consuming, but the results will exceed your wildest expectations.

That’s not all In this text, we’ve shown you only some ways to build links. The sky is the limit, and only your own imagination limits you. Remember that users will appreciate your efforts, and even the most seemingly unusual idea can gain favor in their eyes. That’s why you must constantly try and search for the perfect solution. Remember that link building is very important, and you cannot overlook this part of website positioning.