Delivery In The Times Of Coronavirus

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sitting at a restaurant table to work on their computer wearing a covid mask

The past few months have been a huge challenge for the gastronomy industry. The decision to introduce an epidemic threat state in Poland forced owners of restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs to close their premises or change the rules of their operation.

How do these establishments cope with the situation?

More and more restaurants and cafes offer orders with the option of takeaway. Non-cash payments are preferred. Various protective measures are implemented, such as systematic disinfection of pickup points. Employees who serve meals work in protective masks and gloves. Attention is also paid to maintaining a safe distance from customers.

What about traditional delivery?

Of course, it is still very popular, and some believe that in this situation, even more than before. An interesting option introduced by one of the food ordering portals,, is the so-called “contactless delivery”. It involves ordering food, paying online, and having a courier deliver the food right to our doorstep. We are informed about the delivery by phone. This procedure eliminates face-to-face meetings with restaurant employees. This solution is already used in all European countries where operates and applies to all restaurants that cooperate with this portal. The option of contactless delivery can also be noticed on restaurant websites. Have you already checked if your favorite restaurant offers such a possibility?

The situation is similar in the case of Uber Eats. The client has the option of choosing contactless delivery – just add such a request in the comments to the order. More and more portals also offer free delivery, which is visible not only in the gastronomy industry.

Do you know the portal Glovo?

It is one of the other food ordering portals. It recently announced that the increase in new applications from prospective partners for deliveries is around 300-400%! Unbelievable, isn’t it? Establishments that previously did not prefer deliveries now want to try it out.

Are you wondering if the delivery option is safe in the current situation? According to the knowledge and current position of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, there is no possibility of getting infected with coronavirus through food.

The delivery or takeaway option is not a solution, but at the moment, it is the only way out. This is an unusual situation for the gastronomy industry, and especially small or neighborhood establishments will suffer. We see announcements on social media about organizing collections even for employee salaries. Maybe it is worth supporting our favorite establishments with such a gesture as ordering online.

Think about it! Let’s help each other in this difficult time!