We arrange sales meetings with potential clients.

How we do it

We find companies that fit your target market (filtered by industry, size, location) and then find company members on Linkedin (filtered by job title and keywords on profile), then we get their contact data (mails, social media profiles, phones) and provide it all to you.

We create two 5-step direct communication strategies based on mail and Linkedin. We personalize every message using the information we collected (name, company, etc.). Once a month we review our communication strategy, optimizing it and creating another one, keeping always the best versions, which leads to the best message possible. We contact your clients on your behalf, using your mail and LinkedIn profiles.

As part of our sales activities, we arrange meetings with clients that are interested.

Successful story with a client

Too Good To Go

We have been working together to arrange meetings with companies from HoReCa industry, that are based in Poland. Our client chooses owners, directors, managers of restaurants and hotels that they want to contact. We get their information, and contact them via mail and Linkedin on behalf of To Good To Go. We present an offer and arrange the meetings with To Good To Go sales rep and the interested companies/potential clients.

Contacts monthly
Average meetings per month
Average cost per meeting


Most effective offer

$1700 per month

Cooperation process

Signing contract and defining target

in 3 days

Onboarding and starting cooperation

every 30 days

Reports and optimization

every 30 days

Reports and optimization

How to start get started?

The first step is a meeting. You could book it using the form or sending us an email. During our first meeting, we will define your target and expectations.

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